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About David Croswell

Hey there!

I'm just a guy in Hawaii who loves photography. I love sunrises, sunsets, and everything in between. I particularly enjoy photographing flowers, which is pretty obvious if you've looked around on my website! I also love taking family portraits.

In all my photography, it is my desire to capture and preserve moments in time – glimpses into ephemeral events. Flowers only bloom for a short time, families – especially young families – change so quickly, the most beautiful sunset never lasts more than a few minutes until it is gone forever. A photograph is one way in which these moments can be preserved forever.

One great thing about photography is that the produced image is from a single perspective. My photos showcase my perspective, and how I view God's creation all around me. If you look at a photo of mine, I hope you will see what I saw in that moment. I hope you see at least a fragment of the splendor of God's amazing handiwork.